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  • GolfBand is a golf specific training aid complete with exercises programme, which is effective for developing and maintaining strength and flexibility in muscles important to golf. The Practice drills will improve your balance, stability and arm to body connection, for a more powerful, controlled and consistent swing.
  • Not only are GolfBand exercises very effective at strengthening your golf specific muscles, its versatility is great for an entire workout. It's light weight, portable and can be easily folded and stored in your pocket or golf bag.
  • Three band strengths make GolfBand suitable for all levels of golfer. Just select the appropriate strength to suit your ability and requirements.
  • Green (medium) - for warm up, flexibility training and starter band
  • Purple (strong) - 1st progress band, for strength training
  • Grey (Extra Strong) - 2nd progress band, for advanced strength training.

Golfband Loop
  • Improving the foundation of your swing
      Perform GolBand Loop drills to develop a solid base to your swing and a better relationship between your arm and rotating upper body
    Two sizes make GolfBand Loop suitable for all levels of golfer

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